If you are thinking about buying a coffee franchise, starting one from scratch or buying an existing coffee shop, this could be the most important letter you'll ever read...

This information will save you time, aggravation, and a ton of your hard earned money!

What do the profitable, successful coffee shop owners know, that the rest don't?
What is it that many coffee franchises are hoping you don't discover?
Do you know the BIGGEST reason new coffee shops close, and can YOU avoid it?
Would you like to BE SURE that'll you'll make money BEFORE you open?
Do you KNOW who benefits from hiding this specific information from you?

Some of these facts will make certain people VERY angry!

The recent growth of the coffee shop industry has been phenomenal. Coffee is now the largest food imported into the USA. More and more eager customers are flocking to coffee shops, standing in line and paying premium prices. There really is gold in those beans if you understand the business.

However, there is some "insider strategies" you'll need to implement if you want to cash in on this phenomenal growth business opportunity. If you like the idea of earning significant money while meeting people and being surrounded by great aromas and good coffee, this industry might be your ticket. Although the specialty coffee business looks easy, appearances can be deceiving. There are a few things first time operators MUST know (that their competitors are in no hurry to share with them). This information can be the difference between a "for lease" sign or a "we're hiring and expanding" sign in your coffee shops window 9 months from now.

Whenever there is a huge growth cycle there is also a dark underside associated to it. Yes, there are owner/operators who are making HUGE profits in their coffee business. Unfortunately, a large percentage of coffee shop owners are barely keeping their heads above water.

If you watch this industry you will find some fairly new coffee shops being offered for sale. The startling fact is the sale price is usually FAR LESS than what the owner invested originally!

So, what does the PROFITABLE coffee shop owner know that the struggling majority is painfully unaware of?


"Readers Comments"

Patti & Rob
I just had to write and thank you for your email report.
I have signed up for quite a few other free email things on the internet and usually received just spam and junk. Your report was exactly what the doctor ordered for me. I have been struggling with my business for 11 months and was looking for some real help. What I read in your email was worth more to me than the $2K I paid a useless consultant, or most of the coffee/business literature I've read. I'll be purchasing the ebook tonight.
Thanks very much

Myron Glies


We conducted some serious research to find out why the most important "success secrets" for becoming a profitable coffee shop owner weren't easy to find. We gathered a huge collection of books, ebooks and programs. We also collected ALL the free guides to starting a coffee shop we could find.

After sifting through and reading this huge pile of literature we were shocked!

Most of these "guides" had hidden motives that were not focused on helping the new operator profit from a coffee shop. There was some good, general coffee information in many of these publications, but NONE of them dealt with the specific reasons many shops fail. That baffled us! What bothered us the most was the not-so-subtle underlying reasons many of these guides had been published. Here is a short list of the guides and some of their blatantly obvious motives.

1; We downloaded a free guide off the internet. It was promoted as "Everything You'll Need To Start Your Coffee Shop." There was some good, basic business advice, and some insight into what ingredients make for a good coffee drink, a few recipes and a short section on different types of beans. It then went into lengthy detail about the importance of having the very best equipment within your coffee shop. This guide spent 19 pages trying to make their case that if your equipment is better than your competitors, you'll be more successful.(?)

It wasn't until the end of this "free guide" that we realized the publisher was also a coffee shop equipment manufacturer and retailer. They "graciously" included all their contact information on the last page so you could setup your "personal consultation" to discuss getting the best possible equipment (i.e. highest priced) into your new shop!

(Note: Not once in this guide did they mention the area of most important question a prospective coffee shop owner needs to ask before they spend their money!)

2; We purchased a $50+ ebook. It contained more than 300 pages of fluffy ramblings advertised as "How To Open A Financially Successful Coffee Shop" The information was vague and obviously out of date. It focused on issues like insurance, applying for SBA loans and forming a corporation versus operating as a sole proprietor. There was no specific information about coffee recipes, equipment or the underlying insider information a new operator needs to succeed.

After some simple "surfing" we found that this individual had published over 600 "How To Start A Financially Successful" publications. It seems that they had simply gone through a Word document template and changed "Gift Basket Business" or "Snow Removal Business" to "Coffee Shop Business." Absolutely worthless to anyone who was serious about owning their own coffee shop.

3; We bought a very expensive multi-media program ($300+) that was advertised as the Holy Grail of the coffee shop industry training. This gentleman had obviously had great success within his stores, and wanted to "share". His writing was incredibly technical and he made every topic seem much more complicated and intellectual than it really is. He warned against choosing the wrong equipment, the wrong design, the wrong colors and the wrong signage. By the end of this extensive program ANYONE would be worried about taking even the smallest step forward. Everything was so complicated, overly technical and dire.

Of course, the last chapter reveals that this gentleman is now a "coffee shop guru" who will "consult" for you, for a premium price. After going through his program we're sure many people would be so terrified that they would jump at his "consulting" service. He warns that the WRONG interior colors could be your ultimate undoing!
(Funny though, after interviewing many, many coffee shop owners who've closed their doors, not a single one of them reported that their choices of colors did them in!)

There was some very detailed information contained within his program. If a person can overlook the "gloom and doom" and sift through some of the obvious intent to confuse you, there was some good inside operations info buried there.
(He never addressed the single MOST IMPORTANT question that any new prospective coffee shop owner MUST ask! This is the question that the profitable owners knew to ask, and the strugglers haven't even thought of, to this day!)

And the list goes on and on....

So, What's Our Motive?

Why did we publish "Coffee Shop Profits"?

Our aim wasn't to convince anyone to buy an existing coffee shop, start one from scratch or purchase a franchise.

We don't intend to talk you into this business, or talk you out of it. Our goal was to give you a better chance for success and wealth in this industry IF you do decide to get in.

You see, it's NOT just about opening your coffee shop (anyone can do that!), it's about learning some specific "insider" information so you can KEEP it open, growing and profitable!

We have personally owned and operated many, many businesses. Some have been very successful, some "not so much". The common thread to every business we've been in was that we were NEVER told "the whole story" going in.

Bizop salespeople, franchise salespeople and motivated sellers AREN'T going to tell you any details that might dissuade you from giving them your money!

Patti really wanted to get into the coffee shop business. When we started investigating it we found far too many new coffee shops that opened, seemed to never really hit their stride, and then come crashing down when a competitor opens up the street. It seemed that many owners simply didn't know HOW to grow their business and had settled for a medium paying, hourly job. It is our hope that we can address this problem and help rookie operators navigate the potholes and create a long term asset.

And then came Barry's story .....

This is the event that finally convinced us to do some deeper research, interview as many people as possible, get past the surface, dig deeper and find out what REALLY makes this business tick.

Barry is one of the most successful business men we've ever met. He is a friend and a mentor. Throughout his business career he has seemed to have the Midas touch. He is a very smart man who sees opportunities where others don't, and had never lost money on any venture.

He has bought and sold millions and millions of dollars worth of apartment complexes, restaurants, night clubs and various factories and commercial/ retail businesses. He has more money than anyone could ever need. Barry simply enjoys the challenge of finding opportunities and profiting from them. That's how he keeps score.

We were visiting him when he told us that he was looking into purchasing a chain of coffee shops that were coming on the market. As he always did, Barry put his team of financial and business professionals onto the task of doing all the "due diligence" about this area coffee chain. After double checking all the numbers Barry purchased this small chain and put a general manager in place to run the day to day operations. He felt he negotiated a good price for this business. This general manager was a seasoned business professional who had run other very successful ventures for Barry previously.

14 months later the few remaining stores closed their doors, paid off some creditors, and ceased to exist. This was the only time Barry ever lost money in ANY of his thousands of business dealings! He lost every penny he had invested in those coffee shops! (Don't worry, he's still doing very, very, very well in the real estate business!)

That was when we realized that there must be MUCH more to the coffee shop business. More than even a successful, seasoned business savvy millionaire didn't know!

We discovered some very interesting things. We've put together a free email report that simply asks, "Do you know the ONE question the successful coffee shop owners ask, that the "just paying the bills" owners haven't learned to ask?"

Not knowing this question will make ANY rookie operator extremely vulnerable. Not ASKING themselves this question will end up costing them money, their dreams (and sometimes their entire business).

coffee shop owner

"The Single Most Important
Question A Prospective
Coffee Shop Owner Must Ask"

To receive this FREE REPORT just fill out your name and primary email address. We will send this eye opening report to your inbox immediately!

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This Information Could Save You THOUSANDS Of Dollars ...
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And there's so much more....

Discover what the coffee franchises AREN'T telling you!

What is the ONE THING you MUST focus on!

What is the SMARTEST way to advertise for customers?

Can you charge MORE than your competitors, and be busier than them?

What does the airline industry have to do with coffee pricing?

Buying an existing shop can be a GOLDMINE, or it can be FATAL!

Can you get FREE equipment? (Or is there an expensive catch?)

Why finding the PERFECT LOCATION shouldn't include guess work!

Are Starbucks and Tim Horton's destined to rule the world?
        (The truth might really surprise you)


"Readers Comments"

I had no problem downloading it and I appreciate the follow up. We have been looking at three franchises and a fsbo shop in our area. We were about to go ahead with one when we came across your site. The interviews were absolutely brilliant. We now have a much different criteria for evaluating our future selection. You probably saved us from a $70K mistake.
Thanks so very much

Sheena and Alan McDaniels


Do you want to know how the truly successful
coffee shop owners got that way?

There are just a few things you MUST know before you risk your hard earned money! There is an army of people trying to sell you existing coffee businesses, opportunities, franchises, leases, contractor and build out services, consulting services and various equipment and supplies. very few have your true "best interest" as their #1 priority! They are focused on THEIR business!

In the past, wealthy owners learned how to create
their profitable coffee shops the HARD WAY!

(through trial and error)
The good news is...
They've made ALL the mistakes

(so YOU don't have to!)

You can learn from others mistakes, see the big picture of this industry and spend far less time struggling than the majority of unsuspecting operators who are currently trying to keep their doors open!

There are priorities the truly wealthy owners focus on, that you won't find published elsewhere , until now.

We assembled a crack team of researchers, interviewers, experts, previous owners, business veterans and current operators. We then compiled ALL the lessons learned, the resources, the warnings, the ugly financial horror stories, the trials and errors and the wealthy triumphs into a revealing ebook. You can virtually eliminate your learning curve and understand more about the REAL coffee shop business than most of your competitors will ever know, in just a few hours of reading.

Of course, like anything else in life, what you do with that knowledge will be totally up to you. This definitely isn't a "get rich quick in the coffee shop business" program. This is the truth about creating wealth in your coffee shop business!

You will see the complete picture of this industry, warts and all. What works and what doesn't! This is the information many failed operators would have paid dearly for BEFORE they invested and lost their hard earned money. It's so much easier to win the game, if you know the game. It's hard to win when you aren't told the rules. This information can make the difference between you putting a "For Lease" sign or putting a "We're Hiring For Expansion" sign in the front window of your coffee shop!


If you are going to get started in ANY industry, doesn't it make sense to get a range of opinions, from a wide and varied range of industry people?

Yes, and to make sure you are receiving that broad perspective, we conducted in-depth interviews and transcribed them just for you!

Bonus Transcribed Interview #1
We interview a lady who was in the process of opening up her first franchised drive-thru. When we first spoke with her she was in the final build out stage of her first location. She was planning on opening 8 different locations in just 2 years. We then contacted her many months later to see if her "realities" were the same as what she had thought during the first interview.
A very honest, engaging lady who learned a lot, and was willing to share her emotions, thoughts and opinions.
(transcribed 1 hour interview)

Bonus Transcribed Interview #2
Another delightful woman who was also in the midst of building out her first shop. She and her husband (in New Jersey) were going the independent coffee shop route. Again, when we first spoke with her she was in the middle of having her shop built to their specifications. We contacted her months and months later to catch up on her progress and story. Her insights and what she had learned about hiring, interviewing staff, dealing with contractors and building codes was pure gold for anyone thinking of starting from scratch. If you are considering starting an independent coffee shop from scratch this interview would be invaluable to you! Fascinating!
(transcribed 55 minute interview)

Bonus Transcribed Interview #3
We were extremely lucky to be able to contact and interview Brian. He is a featured presenter and keynote speaker at many coffee trade show seminars. He is a major player in the roasting business. His company provides products and advice to many, many coffee shops. Ask yourself, "Who else would know who the most profitable coffee shops are then their major coffee supplier?" From his perspective he revealed some incredible insights on the future of the coffee shop business, where the "fair trade" issue is going, and what he sees the most profitable coffee shops doing, that many others don't. If you wanted to hear Brian speak on many of these topics, in this sort of frank, honest dialogue, you would have to purchase a ticket to an expensive trade show. Extremely enlightening, sometimes shocking but thoughtful opinions, interesting stories and experiences!
(transcribed 1+ hour interview)

Bonus Transcribed Interview #4
A fabulous interview with a very busy gentleman who started a few shops from nothing, and is now licensing his idea to others. A real hands on operator who has succeeded and flourished without any previous coffee business experience. His new concept for expansion is far different from a traditional franchisor/franchisee arrangement. Hearing his reasoning behind taking this new path is very interesting. He shares his opinions, insights, experiences and his desire to improve the coffee landscape. A completely unique perspective from a successful coffee shop owner who is experiencing very rapid expansion and growth.
(transcribed 55 minute interview)

Bonus Transcribed Interview #5
A sit down interview with a lovely lady who spoke with a charming European accent. She purchased an existing, declining coffee shop that included on-site micro-roasting, over 8 years ago. Her daily trials and tribulations, her thoughts on expansion, her adventure of taking over a business with a pre-existing reputation are all things any new operator should hear from someone who's been through those battles. She recently had a Starbucks open a stones throw from her front door. You might be surprised to hear how she turned that possible negative situation into one that has improved her business. She is in her shop everyday it is open. You'll be intrigued to find out why, and what she considers to be the only big mistake she made.
A very charming, revealing and engaging interview from a woman who is one-on-one with her customers and her changing marketplace everyday!
(transcribed interview of almost 2 hours)

We won't insult you by putting some ridiculous financial value on these transcripts. Ask yourself, "What would it cost you to travel from the Arizona to New Jersey to Toronto and take 5 very different coffee business professionals out to dinner, to get their honest opinions and experiences?

And, if you were to try this locally, you wouldn't get honest answers. Most coffee shop owners are in no hurry to help their possible future competition.

The fact is that there is a parade of failed or struggling coffee shop owners who would have GLADLY paid hundreds of dollars to avoid the painful, crushing, financial losses they've experienced. There are relationships, marriages and families that have been destroyed due the financial depression that accompanies any coffee shop failure. The lack of the SPECIFIC information has caused many "For Lease" signs to go up on many once promising coffee shop storefronts.

If you are serious about building a profitable coffee shop business, this is the information you NEED! It isn't always pretty, but it is very truthful. And, this specific information can help you become a WEALTHY coffee shop owner!


"Readers Comments"

Great ebook!
Thank you so much. We have been learning about the coffee biz for a few months and were making plans to start our own in a spot about a mile from our home. After reading through your information (last night without stopping) we'll rip up our plan and start doing and learning what we need to. We love coffee and had probably been a little unrealistic about the business end of this. I knew we were in trouble when we read the email you sent, but now after reading, we realize we would have been up the creek without a paddle. Thanks for waking us up to many things we hadn't even considered. We feel much better, confident and excited about our future coffee shop plan now!
Please keep in touch

Sheryl and John Wright


Here's what you'll find inside your ebook

You'll understand what is MORE important than your location!

You'll learn the #1 Priority you must have to create profits!

Have your competition scratching their head about your business!

What most coffee shop operators DON'T know about advertising!

The ONE THING you must train your staff to do, to keep your business growing!

Grow you business for FREE, while your competitors are treading water!

How to build yourself a successful BUSINESS, instead of just buying a job

Have 150% confidence about your decisions BEFORE you spend a dollar!

The actual experiences of people who simply didn't have enough information, lost a TON of money, and the tragic consequences they suffered by not learning the WHOLE story

5 revealing interview transcripts from a wide array of coffee shop professionals.
IF ALL YOU DID WAS READ THESE, you'll be MILES ahead of the crowd!

The specific knowledge, and the ONE question that Barry didn't ask, or know to ask, that caused him to lose a CHAIN of coffee shops!

AND, of course, Our complete "100% Money Back" Guarantee! (We'll take ALL of the risk for you!)

Here's what you WON'T get

You will not find pages and pages of links to equipment manufacturers, consultants, and other coffee related vendors just included to increase the size of this ebook. (One of the books we purchased off eBay had 76 pages of "coffee shop resources" they obviously copied from a search engine listing!)

We aren't going to pump up any particular company, manufacturer or provider. We are giving you the facts, and the experiences and opinions of many experts. You won't receive any sales pitch for a particular coffee shop supplier or franchise.

You won't get a triple-spaced, rambling, pages and pages of pretty pictures ebook that tries to impress you with its size. This ebook is about 120 pages of straight forward valuable information.

This is what you need to Open Your Coffee Shop,
AND to KEEP it open
(and profitable!)

We're tired of finding hard working people who've lost their dreams, and their money, when they've fallen victim to slick sales presentations, less than revealing vendors, and lifestyle hocking bizop salespeople.

coffee shop profits
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Coffee Shop Profits
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If, after you download and ready your copy, you honestly feel you didn't receive exceptional value for your hard-earned dollar, simply send us an email within the next 30 days, and we will GLADLY refund 100% off your purchase. No weasel clauses, back and forth emails or silly questionnaires. We'll take 100% of the risk!

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"Readers Comments"

Thank you
I found your ebook to be a fascinating read. Not at all what I was expecting. I will certainly use your stealth marketing suggestion and I found the transcripts to be extremely helpful. One suggestion, please raise your price so high that my competition won't purchase!
Yours truly,

William G. Harle


As soon as you finish downloading your information, grab a decaf, latte or mochacciano, get comfortable and digest the entire ebook.

No guarantees that you'll make a million dollars in the coffee industry after you read it. That, like everything else in life, will be totally up to what you do with this information. We are confident that by the time you finish reading your copy of this ebook, your head will be spinning with the many possibilities and opportunities you've never even considered before.


"Readers Comments"

Just had to drop you a line. Very good information. I will be using your ebook as my blueprint for improving my stores.


Vonda G.


Just the transcripts alone might save you thousands and thousands of dollars!

We aren't going to sugar coat this. ANYTHING that is WORTH HAVING will come at some price! Including knowledge and information!

There are two distinct ways you can pay for the knowledge you acquire. You can invest considerable time and effort to learn from the "falling down and getting back up", or you can find someone who has "been there, done that". Someone who's taken that journey, found some solutions and short cuts, and is willing to tell the details!

After seeing the failures and disappointments, we wouldn't let a family member, relative, associate or friend invest in the coffee shop business without insisting they read this first!

To Your Future Success,
(in everything you do!)

Patti and Rob (and the whole team at)

PS.: You are probably considering investing tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars into your coffee shop. PLEASE take a chance that just another $29.97 might save you a ton of energy, anxiety and possible frustration! (and it's a tax deductible business expense!)

PPS.: This one simple ebook could be the difference between your profitable coffee shop, and a "for lease" sign.

PPPS.: It is not "WHAT THEY KNOW" that causes many hard working entrepreneurs to fail, it's simply "WHAT THEY DIDN'T KNOW" or "WHAT THEY DIDN'T KNOW TO ASK" that causes businesses to fail. Make sure you have your eyes WIDE OPEN before you invest!



"Readers Comments"

Thank you
Very good job! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone who is thinking about the coffee shop business. This should be most required reading!

Tolimo Pakesh


Coffee Thoughts for

Barista - is a title given to someone who has mastered the art of making espresso beverages

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