Coffee Shop Advertising

Most coffee shop owner rookies don't understand the difference between marketing and advertising. This is a common reason coffee shops fail.

The majority of new coffee shop owners have little to no marketing experience. Modern day marketing techniques are critical to becoming successful and staying a success. The most common mistake people make is that they advertise everywhere, in the paper, on the radio, in the yellow pages, flyers, coupons, you name it. Seeing your name in print over and over again does not make an effective marketing strategy. Do you have a marketing and advertising budget? Do you know which forms of advertising actually work? Do you know what forms of advertising make you the most profit? The shotgun approach of throwing everything available at the wall and hoping it sticks is a waste of money. Itís one of the most common approaches to advertising but it leaves everything up to chance. Another common mistake is an advertising strategy based on what your competitors are doing. How do you know if what they are doing actually works? The number one biggest mistake people make is they invest in advertising and marketing strategies that are not trackable.

You can spend a fortune on doing everything but if you are not doing the RIGHT thing itís not going to work. If you cannot track your results you have no way to evaluate if they work. You need to put together a trackable marketing plan and spend money on what you know will achieve results.

The truth is that every advertising salesperson will be foaming at the mouth for your new business and you need to know where to invest. Marketing is different then advertising. Advertising delivers your marketing strategy and promotes your business. Your marketing strategy is what gets customers in the door. Successful marketing is specific marketing. You need to concentrate on your target demographic and evaluate techniques that actually wo


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Coffee Shop Advertising

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